Meet Kristan Marvel- A California Sculptor

20 01 2010

Meet California Sculptor Kristan Marvel

Very often I meet Artists and sculptors and we review our work. Rarely, once in a while  – I  will meet a talent and what they have created – makes a lasting impression. One such talent is Kristan Marvel. Most of is work is in monumental scale. His style is so organic – that one may think these compositions have been carved by nature’s own hand. Kristan’s spatial vocabulary rich in depth and texture – it possesses this instant Zen effect that is difficult to define in words. If philosophy can take shape – then here it is! Entire symphony of shapes. Kristan Marvel has unusual beginning as a sculptor – with a degree in Biology and Political Science, and later Masters in Fine Arts in addition to 20 years of sculpture career – his body of work is remarkable. His work graces the private collections of Mr&Mrs. Art Cohen, Steve Chase, Howard Wright – to name a few. Marvel’s public sculpture projects include City of Hope, Duarte, CA, Santa Anna Botanical Garden – the list is long. He works out of his incredibly spacious studio with its own foundry in Los Angeles. He is also associated with working closely with Herb Alpert in his new sculpture show. We will keep you posted on his upcoming exhibitions_________________READ ON



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