Contemporary Art in The Streets of Sofia

21 01 2010

The Hidden Public Art Treasures of Sofia

In the fall of last 2008 I was in Sofia. I had a walk with my daughter – revisiting the Palace of Culture in the heart of the capital of Bu I was drawn to an interesting sight – the channel was flanked by marble sculptures, composed in the manner of the Stone Hendge. The blocks were propped on top of each other in a primitive and beautiful harmony. I never found out who the Artist was – but the images it still stays with me as a reminder of what a talented nation I come from.

A Dove of Peace Made of Gun Barrels

On another day – waiting for a friend of mine, I spent over 20 minutes keeping company to a phenomenally exquisite sculpture of a Dove. Not very big – seven feet tall – it was mesmerizing to look at it. The unique Dove of Peace was made of old barrels of guns! Located on Rakowski Boulevard – this masterpiece of ingenuity is a timeless symbol of peace. The interpretation is up to the individual – but for me- it was clear. No more wars.  I regret not been able to find out who the artist was – but rest assured – his job is well done and his message is out – and I am very grateful  for that.



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