Photographer Kelsey McNeal

21 01 2010

A Memorable  Photoshoot  in Africa

Kelsey McNeal has worked with Isabella Vosmikova, Joseph Viles Michael Muller to take still photographs of 24. McNeal has focused on taking the episodic photos of cast members during production. Some of his work was presented at an exhibit at the Paley Center in Los Angeles. 24: Redemption: Captured in Africa offers a rare inside look at the making of the show composed of candid moments between cast and crew, including Emmy Award-winner Kiefer Sutherland; dramatic stills from the spectacular action sequences; and vivid photographic captures of the scenic South African locations. An Entertainment Weekly Exhibit, Featured the Work by Kelsey Mc Neal . Curated by Entertainment Weekly deputy photo director Michael Kochman and custom printed at DigitalFusion’s fine art printing facility, the exhibit featured works by executive producer/director Jon Cassar, director of photography Rodney Charters, producer Michael Klick, unit photographer Kelsey McNeal, and star/executive producer Kiefer Sutherland. To reach Kelsey, send him an email at



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