22 01 2010

Herb Alpert Black Totem Series

I presume you already know who herb Alpert is.A Musical genius,turned sculptor – the eight-time Grammy winner musician Herb Alpert is having a brand new sculpture  installation at The Ace Gallery in Los Angeles. It will be open to the public on February 5,2010. Totems have pan-cultural associations throughout diverse cultures around the world, and these vertical forms have been used over the course of history as tribal talismans representative of genealogies, ancestors and documenting societies. Herb Alpert, in his Black Totem series, has focused on this totemic language of sculpture for the past 20 years.
Alpert’s process for creating these sculptures is very hands on. He works with wet clay first molding it into vertical forms ranging from 8 to 36 inches tall. From these he. . . .____________________READ ON.



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