Francoise Nielly

25 01 2010

A formidable talent!

During the  15th annual LAART Show, there was one Artist that struck me with her work – Francoise Nielly. I approached to the booth of Villa Del Arte Gallery, Barcellona – and I simply gasped! The power of the stroke and color – the overall images were mesmerizing! She is from France, and is also a Graphic Artist,  a Photographer, an Illustrator, and Animator. She gets her sense of proportion and   her father, who was an Architect.  Growing in the South of France,  she was never too far from the light – hence the vibrant and radiant color palette in her work.  Francois Nielly’s work  is expressive – exhibiting brute force. Oils and knife  combine to sculpt her images. Her work is a pure force of nature.  __________________READ ON



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