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30 01 2010

Georges Noel at AMT Fine Art

During my visit to the LA ART Show -I  had the opportunity to speak with Abby Taylor of AMTFine Art. I was completely taken by a large contemporary piece – the subtle yet ramatic effect was powerful and the technique was unique! The Artist was Georges Noel.

Georges Noel,
French, b. 1924  “Kagemusha Palimpseste, 1989”
Tempera, 76 11/16 x 76 11/16 inches,  Priced at – $46,000.00.

Q: What do you think of the Los Angeles Art Fair?

Abby M.Taylor: We have been showing at this even for over 15 years – it has been very good for our business.

Q: What is the impact of the financial crisis on the Art Market?

Abby M. Taylor: Perhaps the only noticeable effectof the recession is – that it  separated the  amateurs from the professionals. During the last few years there were a lot of  art dealers came out of all walks of life. The recession weeded most of them. This is good for the ones, who are  dedicated .

Abby M. Taylor Fine Art LLC

Abby M. Taylor Fine Art LLC is dedicated to exceptional American and European paintings, works on paper and sculpture. AMTFINEART is the name the gallery uses on a daily basis. The gallery has an extensive inventory and is renowned for its sculpture department. The strength and uniqueness of the gallery is its diverse inventory. Few galleries can effectively approach handling the cross section of American and European paintings and sculptures from the 19th century forward. Below are the movements within this framework in which the gallery has inventory.

* Hudson River School  * American Academic & Expatriot * Orientalist * American Impressionist * American Modernist * Tonalist  * Abstract Schools * French Impressionist * European Academic * European Impressionist * Symbolist & Pre-Raphaelite * Expressionist * Barbizon * Select Contemporary

Abby M. Taylor-From 1989 to 2006, Abby M. Taylor was a partner of The Greenwich Gallery that dealt in American and European paintings and sculpture. In 2005 she officially founded Abby M. Taylor Sculpture as an independent gallery and today it is still a department within Abby M. Taylor Fine Art LLC. With over seventeen years of experience in dealing art, Abby remains completely committed to her clients. Abby brings an enthusiasm, dedication and conviction about the work that creates a reciprocal commitment from her clients. 43 Greenwich Avenue / Greenwich, CT 06830       T: (203) 622 0906

Jean Arp, French, 1886-1966  “Sculpture concrete (dite “mirr”)” Bronze,  15 x 12 3/8 x 13 ½ inches –



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