30 01 2010


The goal of my visit of the LA Art show was very specific – to find exciting Art! And I was generously rewarded for my effort. The first gallery that attracted my attention was The Gebert booth. The Dirk De Bruycker canvas was all too vibrant to be ignored, so I stopped. I spoke to Sandro Gebert, who was kind enough to answer a couple of my questions.

Q: How do you find the new location of the Art Fair– at the LA Convention Center, compared to the Santa Monica’s location?
Sandro Gebert:
It is much better for us, exhibitors. No water leaks from the ceilings, more secure, spacious. This location is a natural step in the growth of the Los Angeles Art market.
Q. In brief – what is the state of the matter of the Art Contemporary market?
Sandro Gebert:
The last one and a half years have been very difficult. However – we are on our way to a recovery. There is a big uptick in the interest in contemporary art. Usually December & January are slow – but the rest of the year we see great sales. We are very optimistic!
Q: Which of the Artists you represent is sought after the most by collectors?
Sandro Gebert: Dirk Bruycker and Judith Kindler.

About Gebert Gallery
Gebert Gallery, in the heart of Venice, is the newest in a long line of family owned and run contemporary art galleries. Gebert Gallery specializes in contemporary abstract painting and sculpture from an international group of artists.

Chiaroscuro Gallery was the first gallery opened by the Gebert family back in 2000. The family has since opened two more galleries in Santa Fe, NM, and one in Scottsdale, AZ. They were renamed Gebert Contemporary in early 2007. Sandro Gebert, long time resident of Venice, was compelled to bring his family’s business to this culturally rich neighborhood in Los Angeles. He saw an opportunity to expose not only established artists, but also emerging artists, to a new audience. For Sandro, Abbot Kinney was a natural choice to open the family’s first gallery in
Geber Gallery affiliates: * Gebert Contemporary Art in Scottsdale, AZ * Gebert Contemporary in Santa Fe * Chiaroscuro Gallery in Santa Fe

1345 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, California 90291 | 310.450.9897. Some of the Artists at Gebert Gallery: Tracey Adams, Dirk De Bruycker, Paul Ecke, Betty Gold, Bernd Haussmann, Judith Kindler, John Randall Nelson, Brandon Reese, Barbara Rogers, Lee Silton, Hunt Slonem, Vera Sprunt, Paul Ecke, Betty Gold, Bernd Haussmann, Judith Kindler, Udo Nöger, Brandon Reese, Barbara Rogers, Mark Vinci



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