The Art Chronicle is published by Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art, which was founded in 1999 by the eponymous visual Artist as a way to present her growing body of work of figurative sculpture and contemporary paintings. Tsvetana Yvanova has a Masters of Science in Landscape Architecture. Her extensive fine at studies was with Prof. Angelakov of the Art Academy “Nickolay Pavlovich”, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Upon graduation, Tsvetana has worked as a fashion designer in Sofia, Athens, Paris and New York. In California, she enrolled in the accredited MBA program of Graziadio School of Business, Pepperdine University. In sculpture, she was trained in the classical tradition under the guidance of American Sculptor Max Turner. Her studies of the Italian masters have defined her style and sculpting technique. In recent years, Tsvetana Yvanova has focused on explorations of the Contemporary art in painting. Tsvetana’s first individual exhibition was at in Gallerie Vendome in Palm Desert, California in 2005. A second exhibition in Newport Beach, July 20005, and two additional individual exhibitions in 2008 in Los Angeles. The Artist continues her work from her studio in Southern California. Prominent professionals from the entertainment industry and the medical community collect her work. Most of the artwork may be viewed at www.tsvetana.com.

Selected Exhibitions
  • Solo Exhibit �”Untamed Spirit” � “Gallerie Vendome”, Palm Desert, CA  Jan 21, 2005
  • Solo exhibition � “Dream” � Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach, CA  July 9,2005
  • Solo exhibition  � Woodland Hills, CA  June 15,2008
  • Group Exhibition – Los Angeles, CA July 27, 2008
  • Group Exhibition – Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, CA Aug 17 – Sep 25, 2009
  • Group Exhibition – The Sculpture Lab – Westfield Topanga, CA  Dec 11 , 2009


  • “Art& Business News ” September 2003
  • “Grand Tour ” August 2005.

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