1 12 2015


Dear readers, it has been a while before I posted   here – but there is a reason for it. I have been working on a Book, which  contain full color photographs of my sculptures and my large-scale paintings and will include some personal observations  related to their development.  As you already know, this is my first book and most likely the last. This is why I would love to share thus with you in the hope that you will be very supportive.

For the very first time, The Art Chronicle is launching a campaign to fund the publication of an art book. “TSVETANA: Passion for Motion”. This book is about the Art of Tsvetana – a sculptor, painted, designer, who lives and works in California. Because you are either personally familiar with The Art TSVETANA - Passion for MotionChronicle or with the work of the Artist,  you are invited to become a part of his campaign. Supporting the Arts is something that has long-term benefits, as substantial as they are also intangible. The personally signed luxury edition book, that you will receive when you decide to support the publication is just a small reward for your love of Art. We have been waiting for years until the book is finally finished.

This is a unique opportunity , because  once you decide to own n artwork during this exclusive offer – this artwork gains in value almost instantly, because its official  listed retail prices are about 40% higher…. We have  generous FREE GIFTS if you order Art.  You will receive a FREE BOOK! If you order the book  – you will receive a another  FREE GIFT.  Transparency of the process  will be in our weekly updates here, on The Art Chronicle blog. The goal is to raise about $12,000.00 in order to publish the limited edition book, which is intended to be a collectible publication. This campaign will last  only 60 days.
THREE Sample PAGES -MAY I CONTRIBUTE?  HOW?  Please review the Campaign Brochure first and preview the Art Book on the link in this email. When you decide to support this publication  you will own a beautiful luxury copy of a hardcover, 120 pages, 11″x10″ in size, full color Art Book, registered with the Library of Congress and  hand signed by the Artist.  This publication  presents the art of Tsvetana’s sculptures and paintings for the most recent 15 years, introduced by the beautiful professional photography  of Kelsie McNeal and the Artist herself. Or you may become a proud owner of a hand finished Giclee of an original painting, or a bronze sculpture to grace your desk. If this is your preference – we have  various options you could choose from.  We are very grateful of your intentions, that we have prepared beautiful and equally generous free Gifts with your order.

Saying Thank You is just the beginning! We expect your questions – email us!  We will happily reply every question – the email is

Thank You!  Thank you for your support!See you at the Book signing in April 2016!
December 1 2015

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26 10 2015


On October 24th 2015, the Bergamont Station  gallery row is buzzing with life!… It was packed! Parking was full! There were so many events simultaneously that it was barely possible to visit them all,


Craig Krull Gallery, Ned Evans Oct 24, 2015

I was very enthusiastic to see what is in show – some of the invitations were  informative I was actually looking to an Art Talk at Samuel Freeman Gallery , just to find out that they have moved and I simply have forgotten… Ugh.


Andrew Weiss Gallery Oct 24 2015, Photo: ArtChronicle

But there were many new galleries in the place of the ones that have moved elsewhere . Attending the openings was very exciting for me! Especially this Saturday , the Gallery Row seemed to be brimming with life! I went with a friend of mine, who is a couture designer –  and we did a series of gallery  openings. Some – in and out – others kept me in to savor the Artists work. Some of them shows  were great – others outstanding…
One thing   didn’t make me happy – the SANTA MONICA MUSEUM OF ART has closed its doors….. This was a sad moment – but I am sure it will be resolved in matter of  months. I have been there a few times – and ever since it opened – it looked more like a gallery. Perhaps because my idea of an Art Museum as institutions like MOCA or LACMA or TATE …. Anyway – regardless of what I thought – it was a great start for a future institution. Arts have in disfavor f lately by lawmakers and budgetmakers , cutting art programs from schools –  so any organization that enhances public ‘s interest in  Art  is good. Santa Monica Museum of Art , despite its small size was a plus…It remains to be seen what the fate of this art establishment will be.


Laura Korman Gallery,Artist Katherine Tsu Mann, Oct 24, 2015



The truth is– most of the shows were good, some of the shows were even fantastic ! ANDREW WEISS GALLERY, located in the place of the James Gray gallery had a great opening of small works on paper by Larry Bell and Ed Moses among others. It had the feel of a San Francisco gallery… GREG KRULL GALLERY had works by Ned Evans, RUTH BACHOFNER Gallery was showing Virginia Katz and Audra Weasner, LOIS LAMBERT had Kinetic Art and LAURA KORMAN has Katherine Tsu Lynn Mann. All galleries were curated and staged to perfection this season. .Some of them displaying quite a classy presentation with a performance by classical harpist( Charissa Barger at Laura Korman) . The effort extended past the Art and contributed to an air of a celebrartory feel. Hopefully this will reflect in the sales. Bergamont Station is making a come back!!Public’s interest in Art is making a come back! This is the best news as of lately. Yes! Finally! Thank you LA!

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