25 08 2014

At last! It has been quite a few years since I have started planning the publication of this book. Planned as a monograph – with some insights and personal experiences surrounding the creation of each work – along with high quality photography by Kelsey McNeal- this book is long overdue. It marks symbolically my formal entering into the sphere of multidisciplinary blend of contemporary public art and  landscape, art and architecture. The book is a crowning completion of a decade devoted to figurative sculpture, portraiture and large scale abstract painting. The format is large – 11 by 11 inches, hardcover with a dust jacket. It is the first of a possible series published by The ArtChronicle. A few other California Artists/Sculptors are already been selected for this art book  series.
BOOK CARDS WHITE newPublishing is planned by high quality printing company MIRA Publishing  in in Missouri. As soon as the final touches are added – and the newest sculpture titled ICON is finished and photographed – it is ready! Indiegogo campaign is in storeandthe rewards are THREE Sample PAGES -amazing in their value! Please stay tuned for the INDOEGOGO fundraising campaign, which will feature exciting gifts , from signed posters , unique and stylish experiences like tickets for a concert and/or diner for two at well known places in Beverly Hills and similar exclusive locataions to sculptures, especially remastered for the occasion.

Stay tuned! Exciting news ahead!

Tsvetana, for ArtChronicle


7 01 2012


Seems that the New Year 2012 – The Year of the Dragon – starts off with a splash for the Art world! With new ideas, new shows, new enthusiasm, and a new format for the show! It is actually three shows in one –  read on – and most of all ATTEND!  Seeing the work of so many creative powerhouses can be a very spiritual experience …It is for me!  I remember in past Art  shows – how impressed and moved I was by the transformational power of Art – especially the Los Angeles Company, The LA ArtMAchine-– who channels the talents of  local Graffiti Artists to elevate their ideas to a new plateau.  This transforms lives. ART transforms lives.  Art has the power to save! Better than religion, better than politics and certainly better than wars . Art and Love has always been intertwined in  literature in poetry. It is because it is in the very core of our DNA to create.  Creativity is based on light, truth and has a power, that transforms. You may disagree – but you know I am right. Read on!

…and have  A Happy New 2012 Year!!!!!

David Arquette, The Art of Elysium, the J. Paul Getty Museum Education Department, the Fine Art Dealers Association, the International Fine Print Dealers Association, Los Angeles Art Show LLC., and KR Martindale Show Management cordially invite you to attend the Opening Night Premiere Party of the 2012 Los Angeles Fine Art ShowLA Art Showand the LA IFPDA Fine Print Fair.

Join David Arquette and LA’s top collectors and benefactors for an evening celebrating creativity, diversity, and charity. Enjoy culinary, visual, and cultural delights as well as the unique compelling artistic expressions of Jim Dine, Ed Ruscha, Gorky, Thiebaud, Warhol, Botero, Guy Rose, Picasso, Camille Pissarro, Renoir, and more. Participate in the must-attend event of the year, support the community, and enjoy a magical evening of art.




An installation by performance artist Mark Mothersbaugh, who will debut a much anticipated artwork combining sculpture and music in an interactive experience.A special re-creation of The Myths of Rape, originally performed in 1977 by Leslie Labowitz-Starus as part of Three Weeks in May. This unique event is part of Three Weeks in January, a new work by Suzanne Lacy presented by LACE as part of Pacific Standard Time.

SL_bwperformance                              LACE logo

CHINA PAVILION: Classic Buddhist Paintings: A Retrospective of Xia Jingshan. This unprecedented exhibit in the US will feature a retrospective of important works by this renowned Chinese master brush painter and will introduce the work of Xia Jingshan’s preeminent student Tong Hongsheng, bringing the voice of the next generation of the master’s Beijing-based school, Xia Xue, to light.

The exhibition will also showcase the re-creation of an elaborate reading room of an antique Qing Dynasty wooden home from Southern China.


Yours Truly,

Tsvetana Yvanova,

For TheArtChronicle

Abby M. Taylor Fine Art Gallery

30 01 2010

Georges Noel at AMT Fine Art

During my visit to the LA ART Show -I  had the opportunity to speak with Abby Taylor of AMTFine Art. I was completely taken by a large contemporary piece – the subtle yet ramatic effect was powerful and the technique was unique! The Artist was Georges Noel.

Georges Noel,
French, b. 1924  “Kagemusha Palimpseste, 1989”
Tempera, 76 11/16 x 76 11/16 inches,  Priced at – $46,000.00.

Q: What do you think of the Los Angeles Art Fair?

Abby M.Taylor: We have been showing at this even for over 15 years – it has been very good for our business.

Q: What is the impact of the financial crisis on the Art Market?

Abby M. Taylor: Perhaps the only noticeable effectof the recession is – that it  separated the  amateurs from the professionals. During the last few years there were a lot of  art dealers came out of all walks of life. The recession weeded most of them. This is good for the ones, who are  dedicated .

Abby M. Taylor Fine Art LLC

Abby M. Taylor Fine Art LLC is dedicated to exceptional American and European paintings, works on paper and sculpture. AMTFINEART is the name the gallery uses on a daily basis. The gallery has an extensive inventory and is renowned for its sculpture department. The strength and uniqueness of the gallery is its diverse inventory. Few galleries can effectively approach handling the cross section of American and European paintings and sculptures from the 19th century forward. Below are the movements within this framework in which the gallery has inventory.

* Hudson River School  * American Academic & Expatriot * Orientalist * American Impressionist * American Modernist * Tonalist  * Abstract Schools * French Impressionist * European Academic * European Impressionist * Symbolist & Pre-Raphaelite * Expressionist * Barbizon * Select Contemporary

Abby M. Taylor-From 1989 to 2006, Abby M. Taylor was a partner of The Greenwich Gallery that dealt in American and European paintings and sculpture. In 2005 she officially founded Abby M. Taylor Sculpture as an independent gallery and today it is still a department within Abby M. Taylor Fine Art LLC. With over seventeen years of experience in dealing art, Abby remains completely committed to her clients. Abby brings an enthusiasm, dedication and conviction about the work that creates a reciprocal commitment from her clients. 43 Greenwich Avenue / Greenwich, CT 06830       T: (203) 622 0906

Jean Arp, French, 1886-1966  “Sculpture concrete (dite “mirr”)” Bronze,  15 x 12 3/8 x 13 ½ inches – www.amtfineart.com