17 05 2014


I have discovered Cliff Garten’s work in 2013, during my routine research about Harvard graduates of the Graduate School of Design. I was very inspired by what I saw – the scope of his work , the depth, the scale and the playful creativity, all while encompassing large projects with infrasctucture connotation. I was attracted and inspired by the Bullet & Suspect” composition imagery. Despite the harshness of the theme –since the project is a Forensic lab in Denver – and the hard durable materials – the poetry of the composition is undeniable. This is very similar to the well balanced wave design of the Los Angeles Overpass – the Baldwin Cliff Garten Bullet&Suspect Pic2Hills gateway, strongly reminiscent of e lace ribbon. There is a continuity in Cliff Garten’s work – that is rooted in his inner equilibrium. I was inspired by this giant visionary, who breaks boundaries and makes a statement – with harmony and without antagonizing the environment and the public.

Cliff Garten’s clear interest and in the connection between the Public and Private realm as it relates to Art , has always been close to my heart. Mr.Garten artistically embodies my inner belief system in that field. It is not incidental that my own artistic expression covers a wide range of medium, that can only be categorized as “multimedia “. That multidisciplinary quality was another one of Cliff Garden, that I deeply relate to. Somehow through the years – I always believed that Art and Architecture are closely related and the tangent is called Landscape Architecture.

CLIFF GARTEN STUDIO | Philosophy | Purpose
There is a latent potential in every public place and situation to become more than the specific functions it appears to perform. Public and private experiences are never distinct, but exchange places throughout the +Cliff Garten - Studio BLWH E-May2014day. My search for a place where desire intersects with our everyday activity is the search for sculptural forms which engage us in the poetry of our own actions and define our personal and social histories. The necessary facts of our public infrastructure are cause for the possibility of a public expression through the conscious design and integration of art. Sculpture defines our interaction and movement by creating energy between things, generating interest in public activity, reframing our private lives and creating a sense of place within public and private realms” ._C.G

Apparently the Harvard School of Design shares that view, since the graduate Public Art program and the graduate Landscape Architecture program belong to the same school.

On May 12th, 2013, the Los Angeles Arts Commission launched a new program of Open Studio talks with Artists – I was excited to attend to the Cliff Garten’s Open Studio. I was one of approximately twenty attendants. It was a great pleasure to meet Mr.Garten in person – for his level of sophistication, he is an approachable, kind mannered tall man. The presentation was a revelation of his noteworthy projects, his approach and his methodology.
Cliff Garten receptor Pic1There is hardly enough space to point out the details of the presentation- what was clear was that the success of the Studio is lined with depth , dedication and careful planning. Cliff Garten Studio . is a multidisciplinary Art studio for Public Art with the structure, discipline and organization of an Architectural studio, incorporating digital technology along with hands on craft. As Mr.Garten said – “You simply cannot buy a software and become a great designer because of it. The software is a tool – just like the brush and the sculpture rake.” You cannot design something that you are unable to craft with your own hands…” Excellent point. Artists vision for the concept comes first, dictated by the site and or the location – everything else follows, including the digital craft. To say that I agree is an understatement – I share this opinion 100%.
I am very enthusiastic about the rest of the Artists open studio events . Despite the facts that I have attended the most interesting and most inspiring Art talk. Why ? Perhaps because this new form of Art, the so called Public Art is a relatively new phenomenon and is born in the Unites States. And perhaps because it is the only form of Art, that has the capacity to transform the infrastructure of the public realm in this beautiful vast country of ours. Because America might be beautiful – when it comes to nature – but with the demographic +CliffGartenPhoto +Prsentingexpansion comes building an construction expansion that takes over and it is very easy to turn a green field into a concrete desert.

Cliff Garten’s vision has made vast breakthroughs in that regard – by showing that Public Infrastructure can be harmonious and functional at the same time. It is what people call beautiful. I call it simply brilliant.
If there is any slippery slope between Art and Function – it was not present in Cliff’s Garten’s work. When it comes to Public Art – Form and Function is allowed as long as it does carry artistic vision of a genius like Cliff Garten to unite the two in a interplay that brings subtle , yet unforgettable experiences.

Yours Truly,

IMG_0016Public Art Lover,
Tsvetana Yvanova

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7 01 2012


Seems that the New Year 2012 – The Year of the Dragon – starts off with a splash for the Art world! With new ideas, new shows, new enthusiasm, and a new format for the show! It is actually three shows in one –  read on – and most of all ATTEND!  Seeing the work of so many creative powerhouses can be a very spiritual experience …It is for me!  I remember in past Art  shows – how impressed and moved I was by the transformational power of Art – especially the Los Angeles Company, The LA ArtMAchine-– who channels the talents of  local Graffiti Artists to elevate their ideas to a new plateau.  This transforms lives. ART transforms lives.  Art has the power to save! Better than religion, better than politics and certainly better than wars . Art and Love has always been intertwined in  literature in poetry. It is because it is in the very core of our DNA to create.  Creativity is based on light, truth and has a power, that transforms. You may disagree – but you know I am right. Read on!

…and have  A Happy New 2012 Year!!!!!

David Arquette, The Art of Elysium, the J. Paul Getty Museum Education Department, the Fine Art Dealers Association, the International Fine Print Dealers Association, Los Angeles Art Show LLC., and KR Martindale Show Management cordially invite you to attend the Opening Night Premiere Party of the 2012 Los Angeles Fine Art ShowLA Art Showand the LA IFPDA Fine Print Fair.

Join David Arquette and LA’s top collectors and benefactors for an evening celebrating creativity, diversity, and charity. Enjoy culinary, visual, and cultural delights as well as the unique compelling artistic expressions of Jim Dine, Ed Ruscha, Gorky, Thiebaud, Warhol, Botero, Guy Rose, Picasso, Camille Pissarro, Renoir, and more. Participate in the must-attend event of the year, support the community, and enjoy a magical evening of art.




An installation by performance artist Mark Mothersbaugh, who will debut a much anticipated artwork combining sculpture and music in an interactive experience.A special re-creation of The Myths of Rape, originally performed in 1977 by Leslie Labowitz-Starus as part of Three Weeks in May. This unique event is part of Three Weeks in January, a new work by Suzanne Lacy presented by LACE as part of Pacific Standard Time.

SL_bwperformance                              LACE logo

CHINA PAVILION: Classic Buddhist Paintings: A Retrospective of Xia Jingshan. This unprecedented exhibit in the US will feature a retrospective of important works by this renowned Chinese master brush painter and will introduce the work of Xia Jingshan’s preeminent student Tong Hongsheng, bringing the voice of the next generation of the master’s Beijing-based school, Xia Xue, to light.

The exhibition will also showcase the re-creation of an elaborate reading room of an antique Qing Dynasty wooden home from Southern China.


Yours Truly,

Tsvetana Yvanova,

For TheArtChronicle


5 03 2010

William Turner Gallery Upcoming Exhibitions




Reception: March 13, 6:30-8:30

William Turner Gallery

PH: 310-453-0909 F: 310-453-0908 2525 Michigan Ave. E-1, SM, CA 90404

The International Sculpture Center Award Winners

19 02 2010

The  ISC 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Winners
Phillip King and William Tucker to Receive Award

(Hamilton, NJ, USA) The International Sculpture Center (ISC) has announced it’s 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to world-renowned British sculptors Phillip King and William Tucker. This year’s recipients will be acknowledged at the ISC’s 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Gala being held on Friday evening, April 9, 2010 at Chelsea College of Art & Design’s 45 Millbank, London, United Kingdom. This year’s gala dinner will bring together art patrons, collectors, gallery owners, and supporters of the artists as well as sculpture enthusiasts, for cocktails, dinner, and award presentation.  The evening’s speakers include former Lifetime Achievement Award winner Anthony Caro; Peter Murray, Director of Yorkshire Sculpture Park; and Keith Patrick, internationally recognized art critic, curator and editor.  Both Mr. King and Mr. Tucker are confirmed to attend this event. The gala dinner is being held in conjunction with the ISC’s 22nd International Sculpture Conference also being held in London, April 7-9, 2010.

Phillip King and William Tucker are British sculptors who spent
considerable time during the development of their careers in the UK.  Both were educators and are known for their generosity of spirit toward other artists.   Phillip King’s impact on the sculpture community has been recognized in a number of ways including being only the second British artist to have an exhibition at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence.   Tucker is still widely recognized for his earliest contribution to the academic world of sculpture, The Language of Sculpture, a book he published in 1974 and has continued to be recognized for his numerous contributions to sculpture.  Both will be featured in the April 2010 issue of Sculpture magazine.

The International Sculpture Center’s Board of Directors established the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1991 to recognize individual sculptors who have made exemplary contributions to the field of sculpture. Candidates for the award are masters of sculptural processes and techniques who have devoted their careers to the development of a laudable body of work, as well as to the advancement of the sculpture field as a whole. Past recipients include Manuel Neri, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Fletcher Benton, Louise Bourgeois, Sir Anthony Caro, Elizabeth Catlett, John Chamberlain, Eduardo Chillida, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Mark di Suvero, William King, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, Nam June Paik, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Gio’ Pomodoro, Robert Rauschenberg, George Rickey, George Segal, Kenneth Snelson, and Richard Hunt.

Tickets for the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Gala are £250 with tables starting at £5,000.  Table donors of £10,000 and above will receive works of art by the award recipients.  For further information, please contact Dawn Molignano, by calling USA 609.689.1051, extension 308, or via email at All proceeds from the Gala benefit the programs and services of the International Sculpture Center.

The International Sculpture Center (ISC) is a member-supported, nonprofit organization founded in 1960 to advance the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society. Members include sculptors, collectors, patrons, architects, developers, journalists, curators, historians, critics, educators, foundries, galleries, and museums-anyone with an interest in and commitment to the field of sculpture. Please visit

International Sculpture Center, Publisher of Sculpture magazine,
19 Fairgrounds Rd., Suite B,Hamilton, NJ 08619-3450  USA
TEL 609.689.1051   FAX 609.689.1061

You Tube Has Entered the World of Art!

19 02 2010

You Tube Has Become the New  Mecca of Visual Art !

Not until recently –  have I become familiarized with the opportunities YouTube has offered to Artists!  It all started as a simple means to be able to  present to all who are willing to view my art a means to just see it up close and in detail, without going to a gallery! Finally, using this simple premise and without any prejudice of my lack of formal video training – I approached the issue with the Nike moto in mind – “Just do it!”  And I did .  In the duration of one week – I produced six brief videos, which serve the sole purpose – to present the artwork in person without narration. From now on – the road to improvement is wide  open!  I am looking forward to improving the quality of these mini-art clips in the near future.  For the time being – enjoy the ones already in circulation. Here is the link:


This link will lead to the Channel for art videos.  And finally –  it would be a thrill if you decide to to let me know which one you like the most! If you do decide to subscribe – thank you in advance! On the left is  another sample of Art on video – the link for this Artist  is Have a look – you may be pleasantly surprised!!

Tsvetana Yvanova

How Many Billboards? Art In Stead!

5 02 2010


Billboards? Art In Stead .

MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House -835 H. Kings Road, West Hollywood 90069- How Many Billboards? Art In Stead is a large-scale urban exhibition on 21 billboards simultaneously throughout Los Angeles. Investigating art as a medium for critical intervention, these billboards highlight the interaction of pop, conceptualism and architecture in Los Angeles since the late 1960s. Artists are Kenneth Anger, Michael Asher, Jennifer Bernstein, Eileen Cowin, Christina Fernandez, Ken Gonzaies-Day, Renee Green, Kira Lynn Harris, John Knight, David Lamelas, Brandon Lattu, DanielJoseph Martinez. Kori Newkirk, Yvonne Rainer, Martha Rosier, Alien Ruppersberg, AilanSekuJa, Susan Silton, Kerry Tribe, James Welling And Lauren Woods.
Ads or Art? January 29, 12pm Metabolic Studio Public Salon Series Farmlab/MetabolicStudi1745 N. Spring Street, Unit 4, Los Angeles 90012 What is the difference between an advertisement and a piece of art? When does an advertisement become invasive, and what should we look at as we journey around the freeways? Anne Bray, the executive director of LA Freewaves—a nonprofit committed to the presentation of independent, experimental, noncommercial and underrepresented media—will talk about the uses and misuses of media in public spaces in Los Angeles. Log on to for up-to-date event and scheduling information.

Art At The Pacific Design Center? REALLY?

3 02 2010

Contemporary  Art at PDC – Where Ambition Meets  Reality

. . . .  . I was unable to visit this show. Here is what I heard – some of my Artist friends say – definitely better than  the LA Art Fair.  Others, young intellectuals, with hungry for quality minds –  like Donald Frazell, are expecting a lot more, – are down right disappointed.  I guess – we will have to wait an see what the next show will bring. And the official Los Angeles Times review is kind. (In today’s’ financial fog, we must be kind to all new ventures , no? ) Yes, except . . . anyway – we will let you read for yourself. The Art Chronicle.

From the LA TimesArtBlog: ‘ With about 55 participating galleries, Art Los Angeles  Contemporary, the small art fair at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood (it continues through Sunday), is about half the size of the Los Angeles Art Show, which was at downtown’s cavernous Convention Center last week. But it’s twice as engaging. Mostly that’s because it’s a juried event, with a committee of four notable Los Angeles galleries (two with branches in Berlin) having vetted the participants. About half the galleries are from L.A., with the rest based in Athens, Chicago, Guadalajara, London, Miami, New York and elsewhere. (You can find a complete list here.) The level of quality is consistently good.
Christopher Chiappa Werble Gallery 2 The venue takes some getting used to. Interior design showrooms at the

PDC have been hit pretty hard, like everything else that is limping along in the Great Recession. Rather spartan booths wrapped in glass walls and with low ceilings and bright lighting occupy a swath of empty showrooms on the blue building’s second floor. Here and there, a rug dealer or a stylish furniture shop turns up amid the Karin Apollonia Muller photographs (at Karyn Lovegrove), the suspended colored-fabric hybrids of painting and sculpture by Sam Gilliam (at Solway Jones) and Peter Alexander’s transparent yellow cube of solid acrylic, emitting an ambient glow at once beautiful and sickly (at Franklin Parrasch).
The fair’s modest size makes the $16 entry charge a bit steep ($12 parking doesn’t help). On Friday afternoon, attendance was modest, but a mob reportedly filled the fair’s opening party Thursday night. (“We started off doing business,” one dealer said, “but the more crowded it got, the more social it got.”) In addition to gallery booths, there’s a large selection of art publishers, plus a schedule of panel discussions, book signings, tours and other events. Program details are here.By  Christopher Knight.