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We believe in ethics. The Art Chronicle is posted by Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art.  On a global and local level, our goal is to present Artists we know and admire, Art Events we like, Curators, whose efforts to promote ideas we appreciate, Galleries we like and Art Auctions we find intriguing. News from the entire global Art community  is expected  here.  We will do all this in a brief, concise manner, with integrity, honesty and ethics in mind.  All information of presented individuals and ventures will be accompanied with their links and actual information for your convenience, including blogs and websites.  Art critiques or writers are invited to post their articles and opinions about Art. These noble professions of the pen are revered and well-respected — we do not aspire to be either one. Our  Principal is an Artist and shall remain one in these writings. Our goal is to make visual art indispensable part of everyday life –our goal is  a non-profit one , where everyone benefits. We vow to be objective, honest, ethical, passionate, curious, inspired, inspiring, enthusiastic. Any ideas, suggestions, email us at We truly hope you will join us.

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