For the very first time, The Art Chronicle is launching a campaign to fund the publication of an art book. “TSVETANA: Passion for Motion”. This book is about the Art of Tsvetana – a sculptor, painted, designer, who lives and works in California. Because you are either personally familiar with The Art Chronicle or with the work of the Artist , you are Invited to become a part of his campaign. Supporting the Arts is something that has long term benefits, as substantial as they are also intangible. The personally signed luxury edition book, that you will receive when you decide to support the publication is just a small reward for your love of Art. This book will be as close as one can get to view the artwork in person. We have been waiting for years to have the book finished and to launch the Publication campaign. The time has come…

WHAT IS IT? A book launch campaign, that is a mirror process of Indiegogo, only it is conducted on our ownNEWSLETTER Header BKL-SMALL platform, while you are getting an exceptional artwork at a great price. This is no a donation – you are actually receiving  a valuable reward which increase in value almost immediately. Your newly acquired artwork increased in value once in your possession, becuse its official  listed retail pricess are almost double. We have generous FREE GIFTS for the art oovers, who decided to support us by ordering Art. If you preorder an Art Book – you will receive a different  FREE GIFT.  Transparency of the process  will be ensured in our  weekly updates here , on The Art Chronicle blog. The goal is to raise about $12,000.00 in order to publish the limited edition book, which s intended to be a collectable publication. This campaign will last only 60 days.

MAY I CONTRIBUTE?  HOW?  Please review the Campaign Brochure first and preview the Art Book on the link in this email. When you decide to support this publication  you will own a beautiful luxury copy of a hardcover, 120 pages, 11″x10″ in size, full color Art Book, registered with the Library of Congress and  hand signed by the Artist.  This publication  presents the art of Tsvetana -sculptures and paintings for the most recent 15 years, introduced by the beautful professional photography  of Kelsie McNeal and the Artist herself. Or you may become a proud owner of a hand finished Giclee of an original painting, or a bronze sculpture to grace your desk. If this is your preferrance – we have  various options you could chose from.  We are very grateful of your intentions, that we have prepared beautiful and equally generous free Gifts with your order.

Saying Thank You is just the beginning! We expect your questions – email us!  We will happily reply every question – the email is

Thank You!  See you at the Book signing in April 2016! Thank you for your support!
December 1 2015

The Art Chronicle Team



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